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About Mr. Ryusuke Ito

Mr. Ryusuke Ito has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of SHIFT ASIA – a leading company in software testing automation since 2019, following his entry into SHIFT Inc in 2017. With over 20 years of extensive experience in the technology and IT field, his career has taken him through various pivotal roles:

He commenced his professional journey with a well-known system integrator company, where he spent the initial 14 years of his career as a Systems Engineer and Project Manager, overseeing projects for government and public office clients.

Mr. Ryusuke Ito

Mr. Ryusuke Ito

Subsequently, he undertook assignments in the China and Indonesia branches, broadening his expertise in multinational enterprise management and gaining valuable insights into the intricacies of launching new businesses in foreign markets.

Leveraging his vast experience, Mr. ITO joined SHIFT Inc. in 2017. Over the years, he has assumed several strategic positions related to human resources, business partnerships, and new area development. Presently, he leads SHIFT ASIA, a group company located in Vietnam, driving business expansion efforts across the greater APAC region.

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